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Posted on 9/19/2015 by Admin

The current state of new and used car shopping has become a worse experience than going to the dentist for many. There is no need for the car buying process to be so difficult. The consumer should be able to search for what they want, hopefully find it, and arrange to see/drive the vehicle. Once seeing the vehicle and deciding to buy it, the process should also be a simple one. Granted there are a few more steps in buying a car than ordering pizza from Dominos or some silly item from Amazon, such as running credit if needing financing and doing all the DMV paperwork necessary (most know what dealing with the DMV is like). But dealers tend to make things more complicated.

I have always believed in making the process as simple as possible and my previous customers appreciated that. However most large dealer groups still want to do things like it's 1995 and drag out the process, follow the "system".  Don't get me wrong, a system is great if the goal is to make the process smooth, simple, fun and pleasant while doing everything right. But it's time to make buying a car as easy as buying something from Amazon. By seeing everything up front (the car, terms, finance options) that saves both the consumer and dealer a lot of time and aggrevation. Even getting the paperwork done in advanceand possibly delivering the car to a customers home or work makes things so much better. No one wants to spend a full day sitting at the dealership in today's
busy world.

Our goal at Moder Auto is to make the process of buying a car easy, smooth, fair and believe it or not a fun one. For most a car is the biggest or 2nd biggest purchase they have made in their life so why should it be a bad one.

Give us a call or send us an email and let us show you how Modern car buying should feel.


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